Your all-in-one password manager

Everything you need for your digital security

Personal digital vault


There's no need to remember passwords anymore with Elpass - all your passwords are securely stored in the cloud service and accessible at any time.


Securely store your digital identity, including your bank cards and IDs, and never have to look through your wallet or be concerned about leaks again.


Create encrypted notes and store your licenses and security questions in the same place without worrying about not being able to find them.

Apple silicon & macOS Ventura ready!

Blazing fast native apps

Our macOS and iOS apps are fully native, ensuring top-notch speed and support for the latest system features.

The security that stands the test of Open Source

Elpass uses state-of-the-art encryption algorithms and has open-sourced the encryption part of the code so anyone can check and verify it.

You own your data

Elpass can sync data via iCloud or Dropbox, which is entirely inaccessible to us. We strictly adhere to Apple's privacy requirements and do not collect any private data from our users.

Works on mobile and in modern browsers

Elpass also works on your iOS devices, syncing all your encrypted information consistently and quickly.

More nifty features to discover


All of our subscription options offer unified access to macOS and iOS apps

Direct Buy

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  • 7 Days Free Trial
  • App Auto Fill
  • Input Helper with AutoType
  • Beta Channel Access

App Store

per year
  • 7 Days Free Trial
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Your all-in-one password manager

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